20% of all orders using code BUBBLECREW20 and Free Shipping on orders $75 or more using code FREE SHIPPING
20% of all orders using code BUBBLECREW20 and Free Shipping on orders $75 or more using code FREE SHIPPING
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About Us

Bubble Crew is a family owned business located in Rochester, NY.  Our mission is to help support different charities and have fun while doing it.  That's why 10% of all net profits of each item sold will get donated to a charity each month!

We want to provide products that are happy, witty, empowering and motivational.  More importantly, we want to provide products that you love wearing. 

Our Morgan Dog Collection is inspired by our rescue dog, Morgan who is unfortunately no longer with us, but will always remain close to us in our hearts.  Morgan opened our eyes to what rescuing really means.  She has inspired us in so many ways! The creation of this business has her paw prints all over it!  Thank you, Morgan



Meet The Team: 


President & CEO - Lacy House

Lacy has 8 years of experience in leading a team to achieve her vision.  Sure, she might come across as bossy sometimes, but she knows what she wants.  Starting out as a rescue dog, she has transformed herself into a fearless leader.  She has led the way in rescuing other dogs and has invited them into her home...as long as they don't touch her stuff, especially her treats.  Lacy has made a tremendous impact to her team and provides them inspiration everyday on why we need to provide more support in helping other animals one day rule the world, just like her. 



 Vice President & Creative Director - Tom House

Tom has endless years of experience in purchasing pointless t-shirts and hoodies.  He is an expert in fit, fabric, and identifying the best quality products.  His goal is to make sure your shirt doesn't end up at the bottom of the pile in the corner of the closet...like most of his.  Tom spends countless hours designing products that will intrigue our customers, as well as identifying different charities to partner with.  


 Chief Operating Officer - Laura House

Laura spends most of her time "doing nothing" on her phone or computer, working hard to ensure this business stays up and running, while providing the best experience possible for our customers.  Laura checks in regularly with the CEO to ensure that we maintain our focus on the overall Bubble Crew mission.  

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Would you please consider donating to our cause?

Your donation will help support Roc The Dogs Rescue who provide medical care and homes to abandoned, surrendered, stray, abused or neglected animals.

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